Tjockleksmätare, ultraljud

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This thickness gauge measures nondestructively the thickness and speed of sound from several materials according to the ultrasonic measuring principle (as illustrated). Measuring principle ultrasonic. Measuring range for steel 1.2 200 mm. Resolution 0.1 mm. Accuracy: ± (0.5%H + 0.1 mm) (H = measured value). Measuring frequency: 5 MHz. Speed of sound: 1000 9000 m/s. mm/inch conversion. RS232C data output. On/off switch. Automatic switchoff. 11 presets for the speed of sound of various materials (cd01 cd11) and one configurable speed of sound (cd12). Calibration standard on side of basic instrument. Operating temperature: 0 50°C. Admissible relative humidity:



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