Infraröd termometer

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Compact, for measurements at small distances.These hand-held infrared thermometers are extremely suitable for fast non-contact temperature measurements. Equipped with laser for easy aiming at the object. With adjustable emissivity for different surfaces (emissivity 0.95 covers 90% of the applications).The emissivity on these infrared thermometers can be adjusted. The emissivity depends on the material the instrument is used on. The preset emissivity is 0.95. This value covers about 90% of the applications in daily use. To determine the exact value of the emissivity is complicated, therefore the table with example values can be used to simply adjust the instrument and be able to use it for many applications.Measuring range -55 to 250 °C. Resolution 0,1 °C . Acurracy ≤ 100°C: ± 2°C > 100°C: ± 2 % Measuring time ms 1000. Wave length μm 5-14. Laser pointer. Optics ratio d:s 6:1. LCD display. °C/°F conversion. Min/max/hold function. Operating temperature 0 – 50 °C. Power supply (batteries). Dimensions 103x50x22,5. Weight 65 g.



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